So you want to learn more about the cubes I offered!

September 2006: The whole stock is sold!

Some comments from people who bought those cubes:

  • I have received the cubes this morning. Thank you very much for the transaction. I'm professor in secondary school (ages from 12 to 18) and I am developing a workshop about Rubik's cubes. My students will be very happy when I deliver them the cubes. Kind regards. Alfonso. (Spain - 30 cubes)
  • The cubes are received in good condition. Thanks for very fast delivery. Lam Kei Leung (Hong Kong - 15 cubes)
  • I received everything very well, thanks. Those Rubiks where for my son and I gave them under the Xmas tree. He makes them in about 20 seconds. Geert (Belgium - 6 cubes)
  • I have bought you 25 cubes. All ok, I have the cubes. I am going to buy 20 more. Carlos (Spain)
  • I just got the cubes today! I'm so happy! They're quite nice, I really like the fact that they come with vinyl stickers and have those screws to adjust the tension. I lubed them up with some silicone and they work really nicely. Can you please find some time soon to pack another batch. I'm looking forward to lead the cube-revolution in my school. Frank (Thailand - 30 cubes)
  • Hello Georges! Your wonderfuls were amazing! I have built some mods and some fused and siameses, and also a extended 3x3x5. I am going to buy you another 15 set of wonderfuls in a few months. David (Spain)
  • I picked the cubes up from the post office today. I looked over them and I am very happy with them. Thank you, Vincent (USA - 100 cubes)
  • Hi Georges, Just to let you know that the cubes have arrived. I have been playing with them already and am very pleased with them. Thanks very much, it was a genuine pleasure doing business with you!! Could you give me a price for another 100, in case i do order any more, Thanks and Regards, Mark (UK - 200 cubes)
  • Hi! Thank you very much for the great service and speed! I'm eager to make some Rubik's cube art. Albin (Sweden - 100 cubes)
  • I am very satisfied with the first order. I want to buy a box of 100 cubes. Allen (Hong Kong)
  • I am pleased with the quality and would like to buy whatever you have left. Tony (UK - 400 cubes)
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