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Genealogical information on myself and my family can be found at You need a login name and password to access these pages. For inquiries regarding this information, send mail to family [dot] helm [at] helm [dot] lu.

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube is a rotational game invented in 1975 by Erno Rubik. Links cover "Cube-Lovers" at MIT, Solving the cube on-line, the Dutch NKC (a club of cube fans worldwide) and more
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Lexicographical, electronic technical periodical (ISSN 1860-966X) for laboratory medicine with comprehensive representation of all parameters from the ranges: Bacteriology, Haematologie, Immunologie, Serologie, clinical chemistry and Endokrinology for physicians, occupations of care, physician aids, MTA, training, self-help, pupil, student as well as technical instruction teacher.

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